MLH Official - Spring 2016


February 16-18, 2018

Case Western Reserve University

Registration coming soon.

About HackCWRU

HackCWRU brings together the brightest and most creative students to promote unrestricted technological innovation.

Hosted at Case Western Reserve University, over 350 students will spend 36 hours bringing their imagination into the real world. Attendees will work with peers and mentors to create projects in one of four project tracks. Stay tuned for more on our track system!

Don't be intimidated, however. You don't have to know what you're doing to attend. If you are new to hackathons, we look forward to introducing you to a world of creation.

Lastly, at HackCWRU we abide by and enforce MLH's Code of Conduct.

Track system

There's only one thing we like more than working on projects, and that's working on projects that work in the real world. That's why we've created a unique track system for HackCWRU 2018.

If you're a seasoned hacker, try joining forces with someone with a different background and combine your expertise for an awesome hack!

If your background aligns with one of the track areas, you know best what problems to tackle! Ever wanted to learn how to code? We'll teach you!


The healthcare track enables hackers to tackle problems relating to medicine, healthcare, and public health. Whether it is using public health data to analyze population wellness or using mobile technology to improve patient quality of and access to care, there has never been a better opportunity to match engineering solutions with real healthcare problems. If your background is in medicine or public health, partner with an engineer and inform the science behind your project!


The Maker track enables hackers to unleash their inner maker. Invent something new, or just tinker with a thing to make it do something different. The only requirement is that you Did It Yourself--with your team of 4, of course.


The Civic track looks at the all levels of connected devices, from local IoT networks to municipal systems and civic datasets. Create a new device for your smart home, or create something that benefits the community.


The Fintech track is for hackers interested in the market and marketplace. Create a tool to help people make better financial decisions, or make a new algorithm to dominate the stock markets. Or finally figure out what “blockchain” is and what you can do with it. If you have a background in finance, work with an engineer and tackle an interesting problem together!

Sponsors and Partners

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